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ICB - The company

Since our founding in 2000, we have been supporting enterprises in making the best use of innovations. Medium-sized companies, well-known corporations as well as customers from the public sector successfully work together with us. Our claim is to connect people, processes and technologies in ways that yield measurable added value. This integrated approach has made us the market leader in IP telephony solutions and one of the leading IT strategy consultancies in the era of digital transformation.

We see ourselves as a partner at eye level, as a reliable partner for change and a creative source of ideas. The goals of our customers combined with our experience create the optimal IT strategy. We consider each costumer for themselves, think about their environment, their requirements and find the right way to the goal together.

The fact that we have been selected by brandeins as one of the best IT strategy consultants in Germany three times further strengthens our approach and spurs us on to continue to deliver top performance.

Our expertise

Our expertise supports you particular in the development of IT strategies and their implementation, the migration to the cloud and the establishment of an agile IT organization in the context of IT sourcing. With our consultants and a network of specialized partners, which we consult to suit the needs of our customers, we help companies in these areas achieve maximum performance.

The one who sows courage will reap success.

Digital transformation is stock full of potential for companies that dare to think outside out of the box.

Everything is in flux. An old piece of wisdom that today is truer than ever. Markets are rapidly undergoing change on account of digital transformation. We believe that this is where a powerful value creation potential is hidden for any company open to seizing new opportunities. The IT in your company plays a key role here. If it is smartly thought through and designed, it doesn’t just set data in motion but ideas as well. It simplifies work processes, shapes new thought patterns and opens up new fields of business.

In this process, ICB helps to sharpen perception, provides ideas as well as supports and accompanies implementation. Together with clients who are development happy like you are, we define an IT that really sets off a spark. In this way, we create prospects for growth, knowledge and a team spirit in a digitized corporate culture.

Navigator with a panoramic view

As a companion for change, we know that transformation does not just happen overnight. All new things, whether big or small, need time to find acceptance and get a foothold. And a number of important questions must be clarified beforehand. Does it really make sense to adopt each and every innovation? Does it fit the business strategy? What specifically does it do for growth? And how can we ensure that it “clicks” in the hearts and minds of employees – in light of how we all love to hold on to what’s familiar to us? As a navigator with a panoramic view, we support and accompany you in all these decisions.

ICB focuses on entrepreneurial growth opportunities without overlooking the question of “how” in the planning, conception and implementation of your digital solutions. We integrate your employees because it’s the only way to make the new processes effective. After all, there is a user who likes things friendly and simple at the end of every IT solution, no matter how complex it is.

Entrepreneurs advise entrepreneurs

This is the mission statement of ICB and your guarantee that the project will be executed together with you on an equal footing. The two Managing Directors Manuel Baum and Jürgen Dunz lead ICB with a strategic vision and a grip on the realities on the ground in terms of business operations. They value their freedom to go their own way and are fond of inspiring others.

Manuel Baum
Manuel BaumManaging Director of ICB GmbH
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“Every innovation must pass the test of ‘Why?’ in order for it to have an impact in everyday life. Because innovations are the rocket fuel for growth if we succeed in integrating them with the structure of the company.”
Jürgen Dunz
Jürgen DunzManaging Director of ICB GmbH
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“The most important start button for change cannot be found on some machine. It is located in the hearts and minds of the employees.”


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