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Digitization not only provides new technological opportunities for enterprise development and production, it also changes the way we work together. Work processes are becoming more flexible and versatile, and collaboration is becoming simpler and increasingly independent of the place where employees are currently located. These potentials can only be fully exploited if the change is purposefully structured and promoted, the managers and employees informed, motivated and enabled to shape the change. IT strategies and optimized business processes are only ever as good as the employees who implement and live them.

The successful implementation of projects and changes requires a comprehensive view and a holistic approach that considers the human factor. The involvement of employees and all other relevant stakeholders is a critical success factor for the successful implementation of change projects. Most projects do not fail because of their complexity, but because of a lack of communication.

The ICB offers professionally managed change support to create acceptance early on and to change ways of working. This will turn initial skeptics into convinced users of the new IT and enthusiastic ambassadors of a digital corporate culture.

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Your Challange

A new digitization or IT strategy and its implementation brings far-reaching changes for all employees. In order to implement these with measurable success, a holistically planned and structured approach is required that involves all stakeholders in a demand-oriented and targeted manner.

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We analyze the change by its importance to the organization, formulate a vision for adoption, and develop structured communication that includes project marketing, stakeholder communication, and roll-out support, as well as coaching, workshops, and sustainable development programs. The know-how for the technical mastery of innovation is as much in the focus of change support as the question of “why”. In doing so, we consider change in all its facets and consistently think about the different dimensions in their dependencies right from the start.

On the basis of proven process models, we develop a change and communication architecture that is tailored to your needs. As a competent partner, we accompany you in all phases, from conception through implementation to success monitoring and the ongoing adaptation of activities. This is how the change can be sustained.

We offer:

  • Combined expertise in corporate communications and technology
  • A holistic view of change
  • A needs-based and target group-oriented approach
  • Accompaniment in all project phases from the actual analysis to commissioning

Your Benefits

Benefit from our experience in IT projects that change more than “just” your IT landscape. Our holistic approach supports you from the definition of a digitization strategy through the optimization of your business processes to the efficient introduction and anchoring of the change through suitable communication measures. Due to increased acceptance as well as increased readiness for implementation and use, the success of a project comes earlier, and the creation of digital value is assured.

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