IT Project Management

In addition to new opportunities, digitization also poses new challenges for companies: It alters the processes, activities, and workflows as well as the way we work together in a team and in a project. In addition, IT will be more closely integrated with other business areas than before, as it will make a greater contribution to realizing new business models and generating profits.

This is reflected in the requirements of a modern IT landscape. As a result, IT projects are becoming increasingly networked, more complex and more important for the future-oriented development of companies. And that makes the organizational structure of IT projects larger and their control more challenging, which increases the demands on IT project management.

Turning verbal promises into real action

Your challenge

In an ever-changing digital world, multi-project landscapes are becoming ever larger and more networked. Companies and their employees face new challenges. Employees often have to coordinate projects in parallel, successfully deal with unforeseen customer change requests or incalculable factors, and still handle day-to-day operations. All with demanding expectations with regard to time frame, budget, and quality. This requires a high level of multitasking and organizational coordination skills. Quite often the team does not have the capacity to accomplish this “on top”. ICB’s scalable project management services start right at this point – professionally and at eye level.

Our offer

We will assist you with the professional project definition, planning, implementation and control up to the completion of your IT project. We will ensure that your IT projects are carried out efficiently and are reliably on target, regardless of whether the organization of the project is “classical” or agile. In doing so, we will provide you with support in a role tailored to the needs of your company and project. In the optimal interaction of all project participants there are potentials that we identify together with you and implement them profitably.

Project phases

  • The ICB Program Manager

    • strategically aligns your project portfolio with the company goals
    • steers your project portfolio purposefully and optimally
    • ensures controlling and reporting
  • The ICB Projekt Manager

    • turns your idea into a project; if necessary, prepares feasibility studies and the project organization
    • plans the implementation by means of tasks, deadlines, milestones, costs and resources
    • controls the implementation to achieve the defined project goals, ensures transparency and reports to the steering committees
    • takes care of the final activities and hands over the project results to the organization in an appropriate form
    • ensures the qualification and communication of the project team
  • The ICB Project Management Office

    • acts as cross-project support for the introduction or optimization of project management processes and systems
    • operatively supports project participants in all phases of the project
    • provides access to methodological skills from the cloud

Your Benefits

You can also draw upon our methods expertise “in the cloud”. Your project managers will be relieved of standard tasks so that their minds are free for more content working. That now takes the work off your plate, leaving you free to do what you have to do.

The ICB Program Manager helps you optimally align your networked project portfolio with the strategy and corporate goals and brings a hub to the entire organization through professional management. Another option is to have a certified ICB project manager with you on site. He will take the lead, lend structure to your project and define standards, plan the resources and ensure efficient and methodical implementation. He brings in his valuable specialized knowledge and will take your team to the goal.