IT Risk Management

The owner of a beautiful house with valuable things inside is well advised to safeguard it sufficiently from damage and theft. It’s no different for IT security. Whether a server failure or a cyberattack – potential risks are numerous. Only an end-to-end security concept can protect your company. But what are your specific risks? That is the first important question. In line with: Forewarned is forearmed. ICB uses a tool-based system for risk assessment. We capture your entire IT infrastructure and can see exactly where emergency lamps are flashing red and where the light is green. Deficiencies are documented and measures recommended in a result log. The status is checked in follow-up tests conducted at regular intervals. Rely on an ISO-certified system for the management of security risks that ensures you make the right decisions! This way, you protect the integrity of your IT systems, and digital transformation can unfold its full potential in a secure environment.

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Florian Suckfüll