IT-Sourcing Management

Apart from the development of new business models, the various options for purchasing IT services from highly professional providers are particularly interesting. An individualized targeted IT sourcing strategy based on a thorough analysis and evaluation of all options ensures that this opportunity is profitably implemented. Our many years of experience will guide you throughout all the phases of sourcing.

IT sourcing strategy objectives

  • Exploit external innovations
  • Reduce complexity of the provision of IT services
  • High speed transformation
  • Lower overall IT costs
  • Use of best practices
  • Use of additional IT resources

Your Challange

A multitude of changes constantly places new demands on IT: a need for new services and functionalities, changed risk and threat scenarios for corporate data, an increase in data volume or even new compliance requirements. Furthermore, new business models require a change in the type of IT support or new technologies. An optimal and strategic mix of in-house and third-party effort ensures that IT becomes an enabler and supporter for achieving corporate goals in the long term. ICB IT sourcing experts support you precisely in this area, accompanying you throughout all the phases of IT sourcing.

Our Offer

Our consultants are at your side, supporting you with their expertise throughout all the phases of IT sourcing. We accompany you from the development of the IT sourcing strategy through the organization of the award procedure to the evaluation of tenders. In the process, we clarify the assignment of tasks, evaluate tenders, and assist in price negotiations and optimal contract formulation. Further along in the process, we accompany you during the transition, train your retained organization for the new roles and support you in the delegation of the operative tasks as agreed upon to the external provider.

Your Benefits

  • Thorough analysis of IT performance taking various options into account
  • IT sourcing strategy with vertical integration suited to your IT organization
  • High-quality IT service provision, thanks to optimized IT services and the right provider mix
  • Clear definition of services and their provision (SLA management)
  • Creation of a flexible future-oriented IT organization tailored to your organizational needs and the challenges of the market
  • Optimization of IT costs
  • Optimal use of your IT opportunities and reduction of IT risks