IT Strategy

Digitization is a megatrend. It brings about far-reaching changes in the way we live, work and create value. Automation, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are transforming business models in companies. As an expert for SMEs, we support you in this reorientation. Together with you, we conduct a site analysis and assist you in defining your corporate goals and the IT strategy based on them. In particular the following areas are worked out:


In time of digital change

As part of this change, the role of IT has also changed. IT is what makes the business models possible in the first place. Choosing the right strategy and developing the necessary skills to fully exploit the potential of the digital world are critical for future success. In determining what an efficient and stable IT must accomplish, a wealth of parameters needs to be considered. These include company goals and requirements of the individual specialized field, as well as market influences and, of course, user needs.

Your Challange

Today, IT faces two opposing challenges: First, new requirements have to be met, which sometimes calls for a disruptive approach. Costs, however, must not get out of hand. Successful IT strategy requires the right balance.


We understand IT as an integral part of value creation and driver of digital transformation. Our consultants help you to develop, implement and closely integrate your IT strategy with your corporate strategy, thus ensuring your company’s success.

With our holistic approach, we accompany you from the analysis of the status quo – where we show, among other things, opportunities and restrictions – up to formulation of the new IT strategy. We think in alternative scenarios and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option in detail. We take a close look at technological trends and evaluate their usefulness for your company. In implementing your IT strategy, we support you in setting up the necessary programs and projects as well as in establishing the topics of IT governance, IT organization and IT architecture. To do so, we identify your digital maturity and uncover potential for a more agile IT structure that supports your future growth.

We use established models to build tomorrow’s IT organization. One that efficiently serves the needs of the market and your specialized field and has what it takes to be a catalyst for your digitization. We always keep an eye on quick implementation. We accompany that with a change and communication concept that quickly integrates all those involved in the new processes, which soon leads to noticeable improvements.


Way for new solutions

IT Sourcing management

Digitization for your company

IT Security and Risk Management

Avoid, mitigate, transfer risks​

IT Change Management

Implementation of change

your benefits

  • Company-wide strategic approach
  • Definition of an IT strategy tailored to your corporate strategy
  • Setting quality and process standards in all IT areas
  • Development of a cost-efficient, flexible and future-oriented IT organization
  • Demand-oriented and efficient use of IT