The 4th Industrial Revolution can be observed at each and every individual workplace. How we work and exchange knowledge and thoughts, make decisions and organize processes – many things are not what they used to be. People, organizations and technologies are merging, and they do so all the more efficiently, the better the underlying UCC solution is attuned to the daily challenges. The right communication and collaboration technology promotes innovation and new business models, connects people and accelerates processes. In brief: It constitutes the basis of successful digital transformation because it creates the required digital work space for it.

CHAT & PRESENCE FUNCTIONS dissolve language barriers and improve accessibility at the workplace.

VIDEO CONFERENCING promotes the personal aspect in communication and yields tangible added value, especially in the areas of support and service.

DESKTOP SHARING improves the quality and reduces the quantity of coordination – in groups and across locations.

WEB CONFERENCING enables access to information independent of device and location, which makes it an economically attractive alternative to business trips.

MOBILE INTEGRATION clears the path for the use of alternative workstations and offers a high degree of flexibility.

ICB advises you in detail on those technologies that help you achieve your business goals. As an IT strategist whose forte is implementation, we stand by your side and plan, realize and optimize the way in which people collaborate in your company.

Take advantage of our experience in order to make the right decision in the complex market of UCC providers.

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